Landscape Architecture Major

Bachelor of Design, 3 years full-time, Parkville and Southbank. CRICOS code: 090744C

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You will develop skills to create design solutions that address local and global ecological, cultural and social issues. Studies incorporate studio classes, site visits and the theory, history and practice of landscape architecture.

Major Description

The Landscape Architecture major utilises a problem-based approach that will challenge you to generate ecologically responsive and appropriate designs, while considering land planning and transformation issues, sustainable design principles and natural processes. It is also concerned with community programs, garden and landscape heritage and sustainability of our natural resources. As each project brings new challenges in the built and natural environments, landscape architects never stop learning.

Learning outcomes

In addition to the generic attributes of the Bachelor of Design graduate, graduates of the Landscape Architecture major should be able to demonstrate:

  • Application of effective problem solving skills to the design of various types of open space and at multiple scales, levels of complexity and detail
  • Understanding of theoretical approaches, design strategies and processes, and an ability to position design propositions within a social, historical, cultural and environmental context
  • Effective communication of research and design ideas in a wide range of contexts, in written, oral and graphic formats, and proficiency in hand-drawing, physical modelling, and digital mediums
  • Commitment to continuous learning, investigation and research, so as to inform the planning and design of open spaces towards increased social and ecological wellbeing locally, regionally and globally
  • Respect for Indigenous knowledge systems, cultures and landscape values based on an understanding of, and empathy with, the planning and design of open spaces

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