You will have the chance to take part in a MSD travelling studio.

Travelling studios are 'working laboratories' for design thought and production where you explore complex, real-life issues and devise solutions, collaborating with students from across MSD and often from other national and international universities. Exposure to unfamiliar cultures, places and people will stimulate your ability to think creatively and problem-solve. Travelling studios are a great way to bond with fellow students and forge international relationships. And they give you fantastic experience for your CV.

MSD students have taken part in travelling studios across the world and engaged with life and work in many countries including in Mexico, China, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Spain and the USA.

Travelling studios in 2015 went to New Delhi, the Netherlands, Berlin, Brazil, Galapagos and Indonesia.

The Melbourne School of Design Travelling Studios were nominated for a 2015 Australian Financial Review Excellence in International Education Award.

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