Computing Major

IT underlies scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs, helps develop innovative new products and services, and is central to many aspects of modern life.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Design with a major in Computing students will have the option of either finding employment or continuing their studies at graduate level to meet accreditation requirements.

Career outcomes

Career pathways are varied and plentiful in the 21st century where data drives business and information is king.

Careers include:

  • Data science
  • Business analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Web and mobile app development
  • eHealth
  • Disaster management
  • GPS technology

Professional recognition

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Design (Computing)

3 years

Graduate Degree
Master of Information Technology*

2 years

*The Master of Information Technology is accredited by the Australian Computer Society and qualifies graduates for international membership of the Association for Computing Machinery and the Association for Information Systems. For more information on the Master of Engineering (Software) and the Master of Information Technology please visit the Melbourne School of Engineering website.

Alternative graduate pathways

Completing a graduate course after the Bachelor of Design will set you up to become a leader in your field, open up a wide range of career opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Computing Major students have also gone on to complete:

  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Data Science
  • Master of Science (Computer Science)
  • Master of Engineering (Spatial)
  • Master of Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • Master of Management (Marketing)
  • Master of International Relations
  • Master of Teaching

The University of Melbourne offers up to 270 graduate courses, be sure to research all your pathways.

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