Digital Technologies Major

This is a sample subject list only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. Current and commencing students must refer to the University Handbook for enrolment purposes.

Sample Course Plan majoring in Digital Technologies*

Subject leading to a Major
Major subject
Elective subject
Breadth subject
Year 1 Semester 1 Media Computation Foundations of Design: Representation Elective Breadth
Semester 2 Foundations of Algorithms Fundamentals of Interaction Design Elective Breadth
Year 2 Semester 1 Elements of Data Processing Elective Elective Breadth
Semester 2 Database Systems Usability Evaluation Methods Elective Breadth
Year 3 Semester 1 Web Information Technologies Game Design Elective Breadth/Elective
Semester 2 CAPSTONE: Interactive Technology Project Elective Breadth/Elective

* This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

Double major and minor options

Digital Technologies double majors can be completed with Construction, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Performance Design, Property, Spatial Systems and Urban Planning.

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