The Melbourne School of Design has a generous suite of scholarships available for international students, designed to alleviate costs of living and studying and ensuring the best and brightest students can come to MSD regardless of circumstance. 

The following scholarships are available for talented international students. No separate application is required and you will be considered automatically as part of your application process.

MSD Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Vietnam and Singapore Scholarships

MSD will be awarding a AUD$10,000 one off payment to high achieving applicants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Vietnam and Singapore only, who are applying to eligible courses* at the Melbourne School of Design.

MSD Merit Scholarships

MSD will be awarding a AUD $10,000 one off payment to high achieving international students applying to eligible courses* at the Melbourne School of Design.

Dean’s International Scholar

MSD will be awarding a full-fee remission scholarship plus a $30,000 per year living allowance to one exceptional international student applying to eligible courses* at the Melbourne School of Design.

MSD Latin America Scholarships

50% Fee remission scholarships are available to high achieving students from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Argentina only, applying to eligible courses* at the Melbourne School of Design.

Melbourne Graduate Scholarships

MSD offers a variety of fee remission scholarships to high achieving international students, covering a 25% or 50% fee remission, applying to eligible courses* at the Melbourne School of Design.

Please note: For all the above listed scholarships, selection is based on academic merit and will be offered to students with highest ranked entry score (calculated based on University of Melbourne admissions policy and procedures) as well as other requirements (i.e. Portfolio and personal statement). 


Terms and conditions for MSD scholarships including:

  • MSD Malaysia Scholarship
  • MSD Indonesia Scholarship
  • MSD Hong Kong SAR Scholarship
  • MSD India Scholarship
  • MSD Vietnam Scholarship
  • MSD Singapore Scholarship
  • MSD Merit Scholarship
  • Dean’s International Scholar
  • MSD Latin America Scholarships
  • Fee remission scholarships (including Melbourne Graduate Scholarship)

Eligible Courses

*Dean’s International Scholar award is awarded for 2 year programs/streams only.
There is one Dean’s International Scholar available per year, awarded in Semester 1.

Accepting your offer

  1. You must accept the offer for your course by the ‘Offer lapsed date’ in order to be awarded a scholarship.
  2. Scholarships cannot be deferred. Students offered a place in a course for 2019, with a scholarship must accept their place for 2019.
  3. Students sponsored by their government will be eligible to be considered for the scholarships (Dean’s International scholar excluded).
  4.  One off and stipend payments will be awarded in bi-annual payments (i.e. The $10,000 award will be divided in two payments. $5,000 awarded after the first Semester CENSUS date and another $5,000 awarded after the second Semester CENUS date.
  5. Scholarships and stipends will be awarded post CENSUS date (Semester 1 commencers: 31st of March 2019 and Semester 2: 31st of August 2019). Please note, it will take 4-5 weeks after the CENUS date to receive the payment.


The scholarships do not cover:

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Voluntary Student Union (VSU) fees
  • Overseas fieldwork costs
  • Visa application fees
  • Tuition fees beyond the end date of the course

Eligilibility & Requirements

A recipient must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student in an eligible postgraduate coursework degree
  • Obtain and hold a valid visa (as determined by the Department of Immigration)
  • The Faculty expects that scholarship holders will meet the satisfactory academic performance requirements for each semester of the course
  • Be available for promotional activities and able to represent the Melbourne School of Design.


  • Scholarships cannot be transferred from one institution to another or between Schools
  • Scholarships cannot be transferred between courses within Melbourne School of Design